What is Swipetree?

Swipetree is a next generation mobile shopping experience that delights customers with its intuitive design and gamified shopping experience.  It keeps customers engaged longer and uses technology to match customers with the products that best match their needs.  Stores benefits from increased conversion rates and by collecting proprietary product level data to refine your store offering.

For Shoppers

For eCommerce Stores

Unlock Enterprise Value

More products considered > Higher Conversion > Higher CLTV > Increased Enterprise Value

Why do customers love it?

In a world of fast pace and short attention spans, customers are demanding a more engaging and personalized shopping experience.  

Why do eCommerce stores love it?

Stores will benefit from the engagement, data and increased KPIs that come as a result of using Swipetree in their store.

How it works

The Future

Mobile 📱 --> Metaverse 🌌

Intellectual property: Patent-pending product matching algorithm driven by proprietary storefront module.

Engagement Model: External Trigger > Action > Variable Reward > Intrinsic Motivation